Lotto News

The EuroMillions draws will continue in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic, however, the UK National Lottery is winding down the preliminary bets option due to COVID-19.
The official site EuroMillions announced the next Superdraw of the largest European lottery, which will draw a special jackpot of 130 million euros.
The 2018 FIFA World Cup approaches the grandiose final. Who could present that German national teams, Brazil and Portugal will go home.
Friday, June 26, 2016, was a dark day in the history of the European Union because it was on this day that a referendum was held in Britain, who confirmed its willingness to renounce membership in the European Union (Brexit).
EuroMillions, the legendary Euro lottery, has announced the next superdraw, the second one in 2018, which will raffle off a minimum of 130 million euros on Friday 20th April.
Right now, it is really special time for all the sports fans around the globe. The Winter Olympics have already begun, athletes are competing for medals and are bringing joy to the fans.
It is all clear now that the next Euromillions Superdraw will take place on the 23rd of February. We have decided to make our own list of other super cool things which exist in the universe, apart from our Superdraw.
The Euromillions jackpot will amount to incredible 101 million British Pounds which is equivalent to 116 million euros. This is the case for the Tuesday evening draw.