EuroMillions Mega draw in April 2018 guarantees a huge jackpot €130 mio

Submitted by Alex Miras on 07.04.2018
euromillions mega draw

   EuroMillions, the legendary Euro lottery, has announced the next superdraw, the second one in 2018, which will raffle off a minimum of 130 million euros on Friday 20th April. 

   Of course for those who desire to win big money the lottery, the mega draw of the biggest Eurolotto presents a huge chance to find themselves in the historical list of EuroMillions winners and, as a consequence, in the world ranking of euro millionaires. 

   All that residents of those countries which are not the organizers of EuroMillions have to know for participation in the special draw is the date when it is held, and a reliable source for buying lottery tickets online.

Actual information on holding the mega draw in April 2018

Date of holding the mega draw: April 20, 2018 
Time of holding: 21:00 GMT
Minimum jackpot amount announced: 130 million euros
You can find detailed information about the draw: on the webpage of EuroMillions superdraw
Select the internet operator of lottery tickets: on the world’s lotteries webpage 



Brief information on the superdraw facts and rules

   The organizers of EuroMillions hold a superdraw of the lottery 3-4 times per year and announce a guaranteed jackpot amount from 100 to 130 million euros irrespective of the size of the lottery’s prize pool on the eve of the megadraw. 

   This is with the exception of superdraws where the progressive current jackpot of the lottery exceeds the announced size of the mega draw’s prize pool. 

   Most historically big winnings of the EuroMillions lottery took place due to superdraws during holding of those or during the subsequent, later draws, when the jackpot grew naturally by way of rollovers to exceed the amount announced in the superdraw.

   As for the rules of the game and filling in lottery tickets for participation in the mega draw, there are actually no peculiarities as compared to the common, ordinary of the EuroMillions draws.  

How to buy a ticket for the megadraw 

   If you have already reached the age of 18, and can online gambling, then don't hesitate to start participating in the marathon race for the jackpot of the EuroMillions lottery superdraw.

   Everyone who desires to buy a EuroMillions ticket, including those players who live outside the lottery’s organizing countries, has a possibility to choose a suitable operator in the world’s lotteries section or to play EuroMillions online at once alter going to the main page of the website.  

   As soon as you have finished the process of selecting the main and additional numbers in the lottery ticket, you can select the superdraw date as 20.04.2018, and then proceed to the easy registration of a new player and to buy EuroMillions ticket, which will result in a real chance for you to win more than 100 million euros playing the lottery.


play euromillions online


   If you find it difficult to determine the lucky numbers, you can use automatic typing to fill in the lottery form, or, for example, invent something based on the birth dates of your family and friends and your own birth date, because everything is possible in the lottery. 

   We wish good luck to all the participants of the draw: may the EuroMillions Superdraw in April become a historical event and the beginning of a new era in your life where the most cherished dreams come true. Of course, super drawing necessary wait a few more days but you can tickle your patience playing instant lottery or onlinebingo right now.

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