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   Spanish lottery La Primitiva has made thousands of its devotees happy winners over more than 200 years of its existence. Spain has the biggest number of lotteries which have been founded by two state agents: Loterías y Apuestas del Estado and La ONCE. In fact, Primitiva is the flagship of the Euro Lottery dating back as far as 1811. In Spain, the most famous national tradition is Christmas Lottery (El Gordo de Navidad) which is held annually on December 22, just before Christmas. It offers a huge prize pool which normally exceeds €2 billion. Spanish people’s affection for lotteries is proved by the fact that Spain is the only country in the EU which participates in both largest international Eurolotto projects: EuroJackpot and Euromillions.


Play Lotto
How to Play Spanish Lottery

   La Primitiva, a popular Spanish lottery 6/49, holds its draws in Madrid, the capital of Spain weekly, at 20:30 GMT on Thursdays and Saturdays. The lottery founders made some changes in La Primitiva rules introducing an additional number, Reintegro, to the playing scheme, which is picked randomly between 0 and 9. After the changes were made in the biggest Spanish national lottery algorithm, provisions regarding winning the main prize (jackpot) and other prize categories in La Primitiva were altered as well.

Lottery Bonus Ball
Reintegro and Bonus Ball

   Spanish lottery draw participants should be aware of the similarities and differences between the special number Reintegro and the additional bonus ball. As has been mentioned above, Reintegro is automatically assigned to each lottery ticket when it is purchased, and is an indispensable to win a jackpot or have the price of participation in the draw reimbursed which is the last prize category in La Primitiva. As for the Spanish Lotto bonus ball, it is picked randomly from the general pool of numbers from 1 to 49 and if matching, together with five main numbers, allows winning the second largest lottery prize after the jackpot.

Lotto Online
Primitiva Online

   In order to participate in Primitiva online, just select 6 main numbers in the lottery ticket electronic form as the additional bonus ball will be played in the range of main numbers of the draw while the special number Reintegro will be automatically assigned to each lottery ticket when it is bought. In the event of remote participation in La Primitiva online, the Reintegro number can be found in the photocopy of the lottery ticket which will appear (after it is purchased) in the player’s personal account in reputable services of the international lottery. For more details about the “lottery ticket scan” option please refer to the online lottery website section.

Lottery Results
Spanish Lottery Results

   Spanish lottery results and today jackpot published on this page are received via a reliable notification system of the international lottery website. If La Primitiva results have six main and one additional (Reintegro) number matching, the participant of the current draw is the lottery winner and gets the main prize – the jackpot. Matching of just three numbers in the Spanish lottery results guarantees the minimum prize to the participant while matching of the Reintegro special number provides reimbursement of the lottery ticket price to the player. If the Spanish lotto results show that you are a happy winner of a major prize, you should be aware that on January 1, 2013, Spain introduced a 20% tax on the lottery prizes exceeding €2,500.

How to Win Lotto
How to Win Lotto Primitiva

   In order to win Primitiva main prize, the jackpot, you have to match six numbers from 1 to 49, a bonus ball of the same range and a special number from 0 to 9 which is assigned to a lottery ticket when it is purchased. It should be noted that the minimum La Primitiva jackpot established by the lottery founders in an amount of €2 million, can grow infinitely from draw to draw by means of rollovers and reach stunning amount of hundreds of millions of euro.
Popular Spanish lottery Primitiva has a rich history of jackpots won with the biggest of them amounting to fantastic €100 million in October 2015. The incredible lottery prize went to a player from Barselona, the capital of the richest Spanish province of Catalonia. Of course, you can play and win lotto Primitiva and other popular Spanish lotteries El Gordo and BonoLoto remotely by means of purchasing lottery tickets online via one of the trustworthy international lottery websites.

Get Prizes
How to Receive Primitiva Prize

   In case of winning Primitiva online remotely which is confirmed by checking La Primitiva results on the lottery website or the notification system of the Spanish lottery results by means of email or SMS, the prize amount can be paid out in one of two ways. Provisions regarding receiving prizes described on the popular websites of the international lottery online have a similar system and stipulate transferring minor prizes to the player account of the draw participant. If Primitiva results show that one of major prizes, including a jackpot, has been won, the transfer of the amount to the bank account or the winner’s personal meeting with the lottery organizers will be arranged by representatives of the lottery concierge service.

Raffle Tickets
Spanish Lottery Online

   The website of the Spanish lottery allows playing Primitiva and more euro lottery online, as well as checking Spanish lotto results in just a few minutes after the lottery draw is over. Today, Spanish lotto enthusiasts have a unique opportunity to play Primitiva, BonoLoto and El Gordo online, and their results archive is available on the official website of the Spanish National Lottery.  

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