EuroMillions Jackpot has grown significantly during the Olympics 2018

Submitted by Alex Miras on 21.02.2018
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   Right now, it is really special time for all the sports fans around the globe. The Winter Olympics have already begun, athletes are competing for medals and are bringing joy to the fans. Every athlete dreams of competing at the Olympic Games from a very young age. They would do anything to win the much desired Gold medal and take their place in the history of sports forever!

   For EuroMillions fans it is also great time now, hence they have got a real chance of winning mind-blowing 170 million Euros! All the Euromillions lottery founding countries are also trying to raise some money for charity and not just gambling it all out in a selfish manner. For instance, 32 million pounds have been raised in United Kingdom for athletes so they can go out there and fight for pride and glory of their country!

   The countries participating in the Euromillions have also been successful off the felt at the Olympic Games! Austria is the obvious leader because its athletes have won a total number of 218 Gold Medals during all the past Winter Olympic Games. Switzerland has also had its fair share of success by banking home 138 medals made of the most prestigious metal on Earth. Even countries like Portugal and Luxembourg have medals to their name.


   Euromillions Jackpot has been increasing since it was last raffled on the 29th of December. It has now reached an incredible point and has broken the 170 millions barrier! 


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   You also have an opportunity to access the Euromillions results archive. There you can see and possibly predict the winning numbers by studying the winning numbers’ tendencies of recent years.

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