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   Swiss Lotto – National lottery Switzerland – held its first draw in 1970. Since then, the Swiss Lottery playing scheme has been changed many times in order to make draws more attractive for its devotees. The up-to-date format of Switzerland lotto allows winning a jackpot when matching six main numbers between 1 and 42 and an additional number from 1 to 6. When the lottery was launched, players were to predict six numbers from 1 to 45. The new scheme, 6 from 42 plus one additional number, came into force on January 10, 2013. The founders of Swiss Lotto, Swiss Los in cooperation with Loterie Romande, altered the playing scheme in the current version of the lottery and added a big second category prize of 1 million Swiss francs. Besides, Switzerland participates in draws of the biggest Euro lottery, which increases the chances of local luck chasers to win a big prize by many times.

Play Lotto
How to Play Swiss Lotto

   Swiss Lotto holds its draws twice a week, at 19:00 on Wednesdays and at 17:00 GMT at Saturdays. In order to participate in a draw, you have to buy a lottery ticket which can be done remotely after choosing a suitable lottery concierge in the Lotto World section. In order to confirm your participation in the draw, pick 6 main numbers from 42 and on additional number, “Chance”, from 6 in the electronic form of a lottery ticket. If Swiss Lotto is played online, there are two ways to pick numbers: either manually or using the “Quick Tip” feature for automatic filling out of the lottery ticket.

Lotto Online
Swiss Lotto Online

   Nowadays, thanks to the development of the lottery industry on the Internet, it is possible to play Swiss Lotto online through reputable websites of the international lottery from anywhere in the world. Since Swiss Lottery is managed by Swiss Los and Loterie Romande, the Swiss Euro Lottery has two official websites where you can double check Swiss Lotto results for better accuracy and also find the full archive of all draws from the lottery launching. Below are the links to the official Swiss Lottery Website provided by Loterie Romande and the official Swiss Lotto website provided by Swiss Los.

Lottery Results
Swiss Lotto Results

   This is where you can check Swiss Lotto latest results, received through a reliable notification system of the international lottery online service. After the current lottery draw is over, participants can check Swiss Lotto results today on this page. Due to regular updating of the world lottery website database, you can check  

How to Win
How to Win Swiss Lotto

   Since Swiss Lotto pool of numbers is smaller than those of most draw-based lotteries in the world, Swiss Lottery is distinguished by its higher odds of winning. In order to win the smallest prize in Swiss Lotto, you have to predict three numbers of the main pool with the winning odds of 1:44. In general, Euro Lottery Switzerland enables players to win eight prize categories including an unlimited jackpot. To take chances at Swiss Lottery, players have to be 16 years old or older which is another benefit compared with the majority of popular lotteries in the world where players under 18 are not allowed to participate in draws. Of course, the right to participate in draws from the age of 16 applies to all Euro Lotteries in Switzerland, including lotto Euromillions.

Lottery Win
Swiss Lotto Jackpot

   In spite of the Swiss national lottery’s long history, Swiss Lotto jackpot did not reach its biggest amount until recently, namely December 17, 2016, when it amounted to 70.1 million Swiss francs and was divided equally between three participants who had predicted the winning combination of numbers. The previous record had been set in August 2014 when the jackpot reached an amount of 48.6 million Swiss francs. On top of that, there have been three record-breaking jackpot wins in the history of the Swiss Euro Lottery: CHF 35.7 million in March 2010, CHF 32.3 million in May 2013 and CHF 34.5 million in November 2013.

Charity Lottery
Switzerland Lotto Charitable Activities

   The long history of Switzerland Lotto operated by Swisslos Interkantonale Landeslotterie, is noted for both some legendary jackpots and intense charity works. Over a few decades of Swiss Lotto existence, Swisslos has sponsored lots of events related to culture, sports and environmental protection and other social charity projects. Of course, owing to Switzerland Lotto’s main activities, hundreds of winners of the popular Euro Lottery received huge prizes and the enviable status of lottery millionaires.

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