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   Italian SuperEnalotto – was first held on December 3, 1997. Draws of the biggest European Lottery of the Appenine peninsula are held three times a week based on 6/90 scheme and allows winning an impressive SuperEnalotto jackpot which reached its maximum of €177,8   million in 2011. Due to the huge jackpots and the popularity of the lottery in Italy, Super Ena Lotto can be considered the Italian EuroMillions.

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How to Play SuperEnalotto

   SuperEnalotto (Italy Lotto) – was first held on December 3, 1997. In order to take part in SuperEnalotto official drawing, mark 6 numbers from 1 to 90 in the electronic form of a lottery ticket and select the required days of draws. They are held 3 times a week, at 19:00 GMT on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Besides, you can select a preferred service for purchasing tickets of world lotteries in the appropriate lottery online website section. The most popular Italian lottery offers 5 secondary category money prizes to its participants. 


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SuperEnalotto Online

   Today, SuperEnalotto is available online 24/7 for Italian lotto devotees from anywhere in the world on platforms of most international website for purchasing lottery tickets online. If you need to find out results of the earlier Italian lottery draws or double check lottery tickets for better accuracy, you can use the SuperEnalotto online results archive on the official SuperEnalotto website.



Lottery Results
SuperEnalotto Results

   SuperEnalotto results presented on this page have been received from reputable sources representing international lottery online. If all 6 numbers match, the holder of the winning ticket receives the main prize of the best Italy lotto jackpot. Moreover, Italy Lotto plays an additional bonus ball – “Jolly” – along with the main set of numbers. In order to receive a second category prize, you have to match 5 main numbers and 1 additional bonus ball according to SuperEnalotto results. Participants of SuperEnalotto official draws should be aware that lottery prizes exceeding €100 are subject to taxation in Italy. Particularly, based on SupereEnalotto results, money prizes from €100 to €300 are taxed at 1.03% rate, €300 – €500 – at 3.1%, while bigger prizes of €500 or more are taxable at the rate of 6% of the amount.

How to Win
How to Win Super Ena Lotto

   The starting jackpot of the Italian lottery SuperEnalotto is €1.3 million and can grow infinitely from draw to draw. The biggest SupoerEnalotto jackpot was won in 2011 when it reached the huge amount of €177.8 as a result of a long series of rollovers which had lasted for nine months. In order to win SuperEnalotto jackpot, you have to predict 6 numbers in the range between 1 and 90 while to win the second category money prize, you need to match 5 main numbers and an additional bonus ball which is also picked from the general pool from 1 to 90.


Get Prizes
How to get Your SuperEnalotto Prizes

   If the latest SuperEnalotto results have brought the joyful news that you have won, you should remember that, according to the Italian laws, money prizes of the Italian lottery are subject to taxation which is described in more detail above. Of course, if lottery tickets have been purchased online, winners will receive congratulations by email or SMS from the notification system of the international lottery service they are using. Besides, when purchasing SuperEnalotto tickets online you should remember that prizes up to €5,000 are paid out to the player’s account in the lottery online service while those exceeding the amount are handed to the winner personally or transferred to his or her bank account which will be arranged by representatives of the world lottery concierge service.

   Apart from the main prize categories, Italy Lotto offers a bonus prize of €25, which is called “Instant Payout” (Vincite Immediate) to its participants. This instant prize goes to holders of lottery tickets with four matching numbers located in a square printed in the central part of the ticket. 
Initially, SuperEnalotto results were determined based on draws held in different Italian cities: Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice, Naples and Palermo where an additional bonus number (“Jolly”) was identified. Nowadays, players can watch the main Italian lottery draws in real-time mode because since July 9, 2009 SuperEnalotto draws have been held in a single location.

SuperStar Lotto
Italian Lottery SuperStar by SuperEnalotto

   Italian lottery SuperEnalotto holds simultaneous draws with SuperStar, a local lottery which increases SuperEnalotto main prize by €2 million and the second category money prize by €1 million euro. On top of that, SuperStar increases SuperEnalotto secondary prizes by 25-100 times. In order to play SuperStar and SuperEnalotto online remotely, you have to fill out the electronic form of a lottery ticket at one of web services for purchasing lottery tickets presented on the lottery online page.

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