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The EuroMillions official site announced the next Superdraw of the largest European lottery, which will draw a special jackpot of 130 million euros. The approaching superdraw will give EuroMillions fans from around the world a great opportunity to win the biggest lottery prize in Europe. Get complete information about the upcoming event, including information on the possibility of participation in the raffle by non-residents of European country lottery founders.

When will the upcoming Superdraw

The next EuroMillions superdraw will be held on Friday, June 7, 2019. The upcoming event of the biggest European lottery will be held the 24th time in the entire history of Eurolotto and the 2nd time this year. For more detailed information about the history and rules of special raffles, visit the Superdraw Euromillions page.

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What jackpot is waiting for us?

According to the official statement of the lottery founders, the special tirage will offer the jackpot of about £ 110 million for lottery tickets purchased in the UK, which will amount to € 130 million for those players who decided to buy Euromillions ticket from distributors of other countries participating in the European mega lottery project. The upcoming event is a unique chance for millions of fans of the lottery game to win a huge amount of 130 million euros, which is guaranteed by the EuroMillions founders without the painful waiting for a long series of rollovers

Where does the money come from?

The prize money of the Superdraw comes from the special Booster Fund, which deducts 4.8% of the prize pool from each draw of Euromillions, primarily the reserve fund performs the function of providing all the lotteries with no exceptions with a minimum jackpot of 17 million euros. Thus, when excessive accumulations take place within the framework of the reserve fund, the founders of 9 countries participating in the Euromillions lottery agree to hold special raffle, such as the upcoming and upcoming Superdraw or the European Millionaire Maker.

Conditions for play in Superdraw

Superdraw is carried out in the same way as any other usually draw in the Euromillions lottery. To participate in it, as usual, in the lottery form, you should choose five main numbers from 1 to 50, as well as two lucky stars from 1 to 12, which, like regular draws, includes 13 prize categories.

If the lottery ticket with the maximum winning combination of numbers (5 basic + 2 stars) is not revealed during the draw, a rollover will occur, the jackpot will be transferred to the prize fund of the next draw, which will play an even larger jackpot amount. In fact, the special prize fund of the Superdraw is its only difference from the usual draws, which at the same time signals the most successful moment for participating in the lottery with largest jackpot.

The biggest jackpots

In the event that the Euromillions Superdraw is not drawn on the appointed date, its special prize fund is able to generate one of the largest jackpots in the history of the lottery in the next draw. For example, in the last Superdraw, which was held on February 1, 2019, a special jackpot reached the amount of 175 million euros, which the family from Ireland eventually won after a series of 5 rollovers.

In the absence of winners over a long series of rollovers jackpot can grow up to 190 million euros, after which its growth will be stopped according to the Euromillions rules established by the founders of the lottery. In the entire history of the EuroMillions draw, the main prize has reached the maximum level three times, but since 2017 this has not happened once.

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Recommendations for participation in Superdraw

Regardless of which country you are a resident of, and whether you are a participant in previous EuroMillions draws, you have a real chance to win the main prize in the lottery with the same condition - the buy of a Euromillions lottery ticket. However, there are several ways to increase the chances of winning.

The most important and easiest way to get closer to the treasured victory in the drawing is to buy more lottery tickets. Each combination of numbers participating in a draw has equal chances to match winning numbers, but to participate in a special draw you can increase your chances of winning by filling out a few additional game combinations, purchasing lottery tickets from official lottery distributors or play EuroMillions online on a reputable world lottery platform.

As an alternative way to increase the chances of winning, by dint of decrease in the cost of buying EuroMillions lottery tickets, you can use participation in a lottery syndicate. This scheme works in such a way that the participants of the rally unite their efforts, jointly acquire a greater number of gaming combinations, thereby greatly increasing the chances of winning.

In this variant of game, the winnings will be divided in equal parts between the participants of the syndicate, which will increase the pleasure thanks to the players' enjoyment of collective success. 

For example, the winners EuroMillions from Ireland in February 2019 gathered a large family syndicate of lottery, which allowed them to get a huge prize. It is also possible that you will be able to team up with your relatives, co-workers neighbors or like-minded online gambling.

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