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   German Lottery (Deutsche Lotto 6 aus 49), launched in 1974 by the official operator Deutscher Lotto und Totoblock, offers impressive prizes to players and is revered among the largest European lotteries. German Lotto playing scheme is conventional for draw-based lotteries with a typical 6/49 combination. In order to participate in a draw, you have to pick 6 numbers from a range of 1 – 49 and an additional number, a super ball (Superzahl) from 0 to 9. The table of Lotto 6 aus 49 wins contains nine prize categories including a jackpot. The biggest jackpot in the history of Deutsche Lotto was € 45.5 million.

Play Lotto
How to Play Lottery Germany

   Official draws of Lotto Germany are held every week, at 17:00 GMT on Wednesdays and at 18:00 GMT on Saturdays, in Saarbrucken, a city in Germany located near the French border. Matching 6 main numbers from 49 and an additional Superzahl from 0 to 9 allows winning a multimillion jackpot or 8 money prizes of secondary prize categories twice a week. In order to play German Lottery online, all you have to do is fill out the electronic form of a lottery ticket using one of the international lottery services presented in appropriate section of the lottery online website. 

Lottery Results
German Lotto Results

   This section presents the latest German Lotto results where you can check if you have won one of the exciting prizes of the popular Euro Lotto. In order to win Deutsche Lotto jackpot, you have to match six main and one additional lottery bonus number, the “Superzahl”. If the German Lottery results show that up to 6 main and one additional numbers match in a winning ticket, the participant of the current draw wins a third, fifth, seventh or ninth category prize.

   The odds of winning in lotto 6 aus 49 are 1:57 and any lottery prizes of the popular Euro Lottery are free of any local taxes. Lotto 6 aus 49 results often contain so called “hot” numbers, so experienced participants and enthusiasts of Toto Lotto opt for those numbers when purchasing lottery tickets. However, “cold” numbers which win much less frequently, are often used by some players who believe that those numbers will allow them to win much sooner. 

Bonus Number
Lotto Bonus Number

   German Lottery rules provide for an additional lotto bonus number Superzahl, which forms secondary prize categories and allows winning dozens of times bigger amounts when matching it. Unlike many other Euro Lotteries, Superzahl is the last number in a lottery ticket and is used by default in all further playing combinations of the lottery form. When lottery tickets are purchased online, this number is to be picked by the player in the electronic lottery form and is then used as an additional Superzahl for all the playing combinations specified in it. In order to use another additional number, you have to add the selected playing combinations to the cart or pay for them (depending on the lottery online website) and only then you can open a new electronic lottery form which allows picking another Superzahl.

   On May 4, 2013, national lottery in Germany presented new rules of the 6/49 lotto replacing the bonus number with an additional Superzahl which is a compulsory element for some prize categories including the jackpot. The rule changes increased the number of prize categories to nine while in order to win the smallest prize in Lotto 6 aus 49 you now have to match two main numbers and the additional Superzahl. Furthermore, after new rules of Deutsche Euro Lottery were introduced, the odds of winning have grown to 1:57.

Lotto Online
German Lottery Official Website

   To date, it is possible to play the German lotto online from anywhere in the world on international lotto websites or on the German Lottery official website, which is available for play only to German citizens. After a draw is over, you can check German lottery results provided by the reputable service World Lotteries Online on this page. If you need to check lotto 6 aus 49 results in the archive of previous draw results or recheck Deutsche Lotto winning numbers, we recommend that you visit official website of German Lotto 6 aus 49.

How to Win Lotto
How to Win Lotto 649

   Participants of Lotto 6/49 can win a jackpot which starts from €1 million and can grow infinitely from draw to draw. In 2007, the record-breaking prize pool of German Lotto 649 amounted to €45,400,000. Moreover, the lottery jackpot could grow unrestricted by its rules up to any amount, unlike European Lottery giants EuroJackpot and Euromillions where the jackpot is limited by the lottery regulations. 

   Apart from the main prize for matching 6+1 numbers, German Lottery provides secondary category prizes which are just as fascinating, including the second prize for matching 6 main numbers which can amount to hundreds of thousands or even several millions of euro depending on the prize pool.

Get Prizes
How to Get Prizes Lotto 6 aus 49

   Most international services of Lottery Online provide instant notification to users about any wins by sending an SMS to the mobile phone of email. In fact, after official German Lottery results are published, money won in secondary prize categories will be automatically transferred to the player’s account on the lottery online website. The lottery jackpot and other major money prizes which are tax-free in Germany will be handed to the winner personally by a representative of Deutsche Lotto 6 aus 49 and managers of the chosen lotto online service will take care of it in advance. 

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