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   Britain lottery was launched in November 1994 and has been providing copious prizes to its devotees for 20 years. The biggest prize was won on January 9, 2016 when two lucky winners shared a record-breaking jackpot of national english lottery amounting to £66 miSince the game was launched, the rules of english lotto have undergone some changes. In February 1997, an additional draw on Wednesdays was introduced; in October 2013, a special draw called “Raffle” appeared; and in October 2015, 10 balls were added to the playing scheme of the popular European lottery. At that time, UK Lottery founders also launched an additional draw, Lotto Millionaire Raffle, offering a special prize of £1 million. 


Raffle Tickets
How to Play Lottery UK

   Britain Lottery UK holds draws at 22:30 GMT every Wednesday and at 20:30 GMT every Saturday. Starting from 2015, the main drawing is followed by a special draw with the main prize of £1 million and twenty additional prizes, £20,000 each. In order to take part in english lotto main draw, you have to select 6 numbers from 1 to 59 in the electronic form of the lottery ticket. If a winning ticket has all 6 numbers matching in the current draw, its holder wins the national lottery jackpot. If you have any difficulties picking numbers, you can use a random number generator in the electronic form of the raffle ticket called “Lucky Dip”.

   English lotto starting jackpots vary depending on the day of the draw, particularly, in the draws held on Wednesdays the minimum jackpot is £2 million, while on Saturdays it is between 3.8 and 4 million. According to english lottery rules, if two or more participants of a draw have 6 main numbers matching, the jackpot is divided equally between the holders of the winning lottery tickets. If the main prize is not won in a current draw, it rolls over to the next Britain Lotto draw in full.

   Besides, it is important to know that UK national lottery rollovers can increase the jackpot up to £22 million which has been stipulated by organizers of the lottery who are able to annul this provision at any time. However, after Britain Lottery jackpot reaches its biggest permissible amount, it can roll over to the next draw only once and if the main prize is not won in that draw, the next draw jackpot will be distributed proportionally between secondary prize categories. Nowadays, the maximum jackpot amount can exceed £22 million by default which is directly dependent on the revenue from raffle tickets sales which makes the amount of the national lottery UK main prize fund increase.

Lotto Online
Lottery Online UK

   In recent years, thanks to the development of Internet technologies, one of the most popular euro lotteries is available from anywhere in the world when requesting an “lottery online UK” on most websites of the international lotto. Also, when a draw is over, you can find the latest national lottery results directly on this webpage provided by one of reputable Internet-services of the lotto world. If you need to check any of previous UK Lotto results in the archive, please visit the National Lottery website.

Lottery Results
Raffle Results

   This is the section where you can check raffle results and see if you have won a prize in the latest draw. Britain lottery offers amazing prizes to players in six prize categories including the jackpot which can be won by any player in case of matching 6 numbers from 1 to 50 and an additional number from the general pool. Matching of just 3 numbers in english lotto results guarantees receiving the minimum prize while the odds of winning are 1:10. Moreover, each national lotto draw offers a unique chance to win fantastic prizes amounting from £20,000 to £1 million in a special super draw which is held after the main national lottery UK draw.

How to Win
Winning Raffle Tickets

   You do not have to be a UK resident to play Britain lotto and participate in draws which provide huge prizes to those having lucky raffle tickets. Even if you are on the other side of the globe, all you have to do to get a real chance of winning the national lottery is buy a lottery ticket using a trustworthy service representing World Lotteries Online. In order to win the Lottery UK main prize, you have to predict 6 numbers of the main draw with an additional chance to become a winner of the special draw with the main prize of £1 million. An additional benefit of Britain Lotto is the age limit of 16 years for participants. Of course, this provision applies to all UK Lotteries, including Euromillions.

National Lottery Draw
Special Lottery Draw

   Lotto Millionaire Raffle, a special lottery draw, was introduced in October 2015 and offers 20 secondary prizes £20,000 each and the main prize of the additional draw in an amount of £1 million. Winners are determined in a simple way: prizes go to those whose lottery tickets have the appropriate winning code. According to the rules of the additional drawing, a Lotto Millionaire Raffle random code consisting of four letters and eight digits is generated for each combination of numbers playing in UK Lottery. Winning codes of the special draw are determined simultaneously with Lotto UK main draw. 

   The number and amounts of prizes of UK Lottery additional draw may be occasionally increased by the lottery organizers to celebrate some outstanding events. Particularly, in celebration of the first Lotto Millionaire Raffle draw in October 2015, the founders raffled 25 prizes, £1 million each, among the special draw participants.

Charity Lottery
Britain Lottery Charity

   For a period of its activity, a little more than 20 years, Britain Lottery UK has transferred over £30 billion to charity funds. Such generous donations are possible because 50% of the proceeds from raffle tickets sales goes to english lotto prize pool while 28% of the remaining turnover (about £30 million weekly) is allocated to National Lottery Good Causes which then distributes the funds among hundreds of charitable organizations throughout the world.

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