How pandemic COVID-19 affected the EuroMillions lottery

Submitted by Alex Miras on 23.04.2020
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   The EuroMillions draws will continue in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic, however, the National Lottery UK is winding down the preliminary bets option due to the lack of confidence that the COVID-19 extension will not affect the schedule of the draws and further membership in the lottery project of the Euromillions founder countries.

Temporary changes to Advance Play

   In the option of participating in the draws through official operators, a preliminary opportunity to buy lottery tickets was available until the EuroMillions draw on Tuesday, April 14th. The number of draws in which it was possible to take a preliminary part decreased with each passing week starting from March 20, 2020 when it was decided by the lottery countries founders. 

For those who bought tickets in time for future Euromillion draws 

   In the UK and other countries of the lottery alliance, the players who were able to purchase EuroMillion tickets previously for future draws and currently have direct debit at the national lottery box office of their countries, will be able to contact the founders directly for refund if in the future there is a need to change the draws schedule. However, there is hope that this will not happen.

   The decision to reduce the large draw participation in nine countries of founders of the largest Euro lottery was made taking into account the interests of the players, because at the moment there is no guarantee that, within the current crisis associated with the Covid-19 epidemic, the draws will continue according to the standard schedule.The participants of the EuroMillions lottery draws online through an international concierge service will receive confirmation of their participation in prepaid draws, however, in case of cancellation of the draws, applications for participation will be suspended until they are resumed.

Euromillion lottery does not plan to suspend its draws

   The press service of the national lottery, stresses that the countries of founders have no plans to suspend the draws or sale of EuroMillion tickets. The popular European lottery is still available at official points of sale of all countries participating in the project, except Spain, which introduced time limits on the physical distribution of lottery tickets. At the moment, in other countries, the lottery operates as usual, so everyone who wishes can still take part in the draws every Tuesday and Friday, using their unique chance to win a multi-million jackpot. 

   Residents of Spain and other countries that are not members of the lottery founders club can at any time absolutely safely buy EuroMillion tickets online. Given the fact that the epidemiological situation is changing at a high rate, the lottery founders will continue to monitor it in the next few weeks, including the period May-June 2020, in order to timely reassess the conditions of draws and inform players in case of extension or new restrictions.

Impact of Coronavirus on Lottery Alliance Countries

   All nine countries of EuroMillion official participants have been hit hard by Coronavirus over the past few weeks. All kinds of measures have been brought in everywhere to combat the spread of the virus and maintain a safe social distance between people. Some of the Lottery Euromillion alliance countries have introduced stricter restrictions along with partners, while Spain and France have completely blocked the lottery sphere. As previously reported, Spain has suspended the sale of tickets to all national lotteries, while France has physically held EuroMillions draws since the founding of the lottery club.

   It should be noted that all operators of the national lottery of the countries participating in the project jointly coordinate their work to ensure the possibility of holding draws of a popular game that is ahead of other European lotteries in all possible ratings.  

Prospects for the existence of Euro Million

   Since the draws are physically taking place in Paris, the founders are not sure that they will be held in standard mode. It is precisely for this reason, from April 14, 2020, the preliminary purchase option was temporarily blocked, including the chance to buy EuroMillions lottery tickets online. According to information from the official sources of the national lottery press service, at the moment there are no new restrictions on the draws, so fans of the game can still take part every Tuesday and Friday in the draws of the Euromillion lottery.

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