Frequently asked questions about the Euromillions draw

1. In what days of the week and in what time Euromillions draw pass?

Lotto Euromillions draw take place weekly every Tuesday and Friday evenings in Paris, France at 20:30 Central European time (CET) that there corresponds 19:30 London CET time becouse Paris time zone is GMT +01: 00, and London time is GMT + 00: 00.

2. In what time before draw does official sale of Euromillions tickets come to an end?

In the authorized points of retails in the territory of the countries of founders of a Euromillions tickets sale comes to an end in day of holding a draw at 20:30 on the Central European time (CET). To acquire tickets of the next draw there is available right after the publication of results of the last Euromillions draw after 22:00 (CET). In case of buy Euromillions lottery ticket in the Internet on the website of any international lottery

3. Where it is possible to learn Euromillions rules?

For participation in Euromillions draw it is necessary to choose 5 numbers from the main range of numbers from 1 to 50 and 2 additional numbers under the name «lucky stars» from 1 to 12 available. Euromillions ticket can be acquired physically in points of retails in the territory of the European Union countries taking official part in draws or on the Internet on the official sites of the world lottery operators.
On this page it is possible to learn in more detail of the Euromillions lottery rules.

4. What conditions of Euromillions prizes?

By the Euromillions rules established by organizers, lottery well to 13 prize-winning categories including the first prize a jackpot. For receiving a Euromillions prize of the minimum level the participant of a draw needs to choose correctly at least two numbers from the main range of numbers, for receiving the main award of Euromillions jackpot it is necessary to guess a full set of numbers, including 5 main and 2 additional with the special name "lucky stars".
In case of acquisition of Euromillions ticket of the French or British version of Euro lottery, to 13 main prize-winning categories participants of draw get additional chance of a prize, thanks to the fact that to each game combination geting the free code under the name "raffl" which is generated automatically. Detailed information can be found on the "My Million" and "Millionaire Maker" pages.

5. Whether it is possible to play a EuroMillions in Germany, Australia, Canada, the USA and any other countries of the world?

Official distribution of Euromillions tickets physically happens only on the territory of 9 countries of organizers of a Euro lottery, and in particular UK, France, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Nevertheless, residents of Germany, Australia, Canada, the USA and any other worldwide countries can legally participate in Euromillions draw, using services of the licensed international lottery online operators.
More detailed information can be obtained on the online lottery page.

6. Whether there are various options of a game of Euromillions depending on the country of buy lottery tickets?

Uniform Euromillions rules in all countries of founders extend to the main lottery draws, but at the same time in some of them the special draws offering extra chances to win. For example, in the version of Euromillions UK each owner of the lottery ticket automatically participates in an additional draw under the name "Millionaire Maker".

Owners of lottery tickets of the French version of Euromillions lottery free of charge receive the code which is automatically generated raffle participating in a draw of an additional prize under the name "My Million".

The Irish version of a lottery for an additional fee in 1.00 euro, provides to players participation in an additional draw under the name of "Euromillions Plus".

In all countries, except UK, Euromillions prizes are paid in Euro, respectively in United Kingdom winnings are paid in the British pounds sterlings.

7. How much for Euromillions ticket?

The cost of one line of the Euromillions ticket in the authorized points of official sales of the majority of the countries of founders of Euro lottery makes 2,00 euros, except for points of retails of UK and France where the cost of one game combination of the Euromillions lottery makes 2,50 euros.

Certainly, in case of play lotto online, the Euromillions ticket price of one game combination differs depending on the choice of the playing platform of the world lottery operator.

We provide an opportunity to play Euromillions online at minimum price for one line of 2,50 euros is presented. Our service of remote purchase of lottery tickets provide of reputable licensed online lottery international operator. Besides, on the playing platform of resseler world lottery tickets, personal data of players, financial transactions and according to a guarantee of payment of prizes, are insured by the most authoritative insurance companies of Europe.

8. As well as where it is possible to get a Euromillions prize in case of buy lottery ticket online?

In case of play Euromillions online by means to buy lottery ticket via the website of the operator world lotteries online, prizes automatically arrive into the player personal account right after the publication of Euro lottery official results of the last draw.

In case of purchase Euromillions ticket online which has won a jackpot or a prize of the second category the player will need to fill a special form the requirement for insurance campaigns of the operator of a lotto online then within two weeks the sum of a monetary prize will arrive into the winner player account. Subsequently the received money can be withdrawn on the personal bank account of the player or an e-wallet of Skrill and many other methods of withdrawal.

9. What is the additional draw British Millionaire Maker in the Euromillions UK version?

In the version of UK Euromillions lottery, except the main draw exists a free additional draw "Millionaire Maker". All Euromillions ticket acquired in the territory of United Kingdom in which for each playing combination of numbers the player free of charge participate in this additional draw receives the raffl code which is automatically generated providing additional chance to win a prize of one million pounds sterling. More detailed information on additional draw Euromillions UK can be obtained on the Millionaire Maker page.

10. What largest Euromillions jackpot has been won from the moment of creation of a Euro lottery?

From the moment of creation of Euromillions lottery, the most largest prize which has got to one winner was, is established according to results of Friday draw of August 10, 2012 and has made the maximum size of an admissible Euromillions jackpot of 190 million euros. This huge prize of the largest Eurolotto went to a couple from the UK - Gillian and Adrian Bayford.

Also largest winning paid in pounds sterling in the amount of 161 million went to a married couple from United Kingdom too, which was established by the EuroMillions draw results on July 12, 2011. Happy owners of the winning lottery ticket were Colin and Chris Weir.

11. What terms and conditions payment of prizes Euromillions lottery?

In spite of the fact that the basic Euromillions rules in the territory of all countries of participants of transnational Euro lottery are identical, in some conditions there are distinctions. For example, period of validity of winning tickets for receiving the prizes Euromillions UK is limited for 180 days, and payment of prizes for the lucky lottery tickets of Euromillions France makes only 60 days. For these reasons, buying lottery tickets in one of the countries of founders of a multieuropean lotto, participants of draw have to show consideration for features of some rules and conditions of terms of payment prizes on winning Euromillions tickets depending on the country of their acquisition.

In case of purchase Euromillions lottery tickets Euromillions online through the official website of any operator of the international lottery you shouldn't worry about the notice of a prize and terms of payment of prizes as any service of "the lottery concierge" presented on our Euromillions site. Every online lottery operator will notify on it the winner by e-mail or by means of SMS on the mobile phone right after the publication of official Euromillions results. Besides, depending on prize-winning category, the winning will be automatically enlisted on balance of a personal profile of the player on the website of world lottery service or in case of super prizes, including Euromollions jackpot, representatives of international lottery operator will quickly resolve organizational issues for his receiving, including assistance in a transfer of the winner to the country of purchase of the winning Euromillions ticket.

12. What age restrictions for participation in Euromillions draw exist?

For legal participation in the Euromillions draw, the owner of the lottery ticket has to reach 18 years. This condition extends to all EU countries taking official part in the draws and distribution of Euromillions tickets except for UK where by rules of participation in draws of a national lottery, including Euromillions, it is enough to player to reach the 16th years age.

13. What chance to win Euromillions jackpot?

Probability to win the Euromillions lottery jackpot makes 1 chance from 116.531.800, at the same time chances to receive a prize are 1 of 13 of 13 existing prize-winning categories. More detailed information on chances to win a lottery Euromillions in each prize-winning category it is possible on the "Chances to Win Euromillions lottery" page.

14. What TV channels broadcasts draws of a lotto Euromillions live?

Television broadcast of TV Euromillions live is carried out in all 9 EU countries taking official part in draws and distribution of lottery tickets of the largest Euro lotto. The list of the European Union countries and TV of the channels which are carrying out live broadcast of Euromillions draws in real time.

Country founder  

TV Broadcasting

Euromillions draw time



22:30 UTC



23:25 CET



22:00 CET



22:35 CET


RTS Deux

22:45 CET



21:00 CET



21:00 UTC


La Une


22:30 CET

23:00 CET


Télé Lëtzebuerg


22:05 CET

00:15 CET (after draw)


  CET – the Central European time (Central European Time)UTC – the Coordinatet Universal Time (abbreviated to UTC) is the primary time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time, is entered instead of outdated, average time across Greenwich (GMT).

15. Whether there is a Euromillions jackpot limit at his rollover on the next draw in case of absence of winners?

The Euromillions jackpot is progressive and in case of absence of winners "rollover" grows from draw to draw until prize fund of the main award hasn't reached of 190 million euros. Having reached the limit set by organizers of a lottery the maximum Euromillions jackpot is played in two subsequent draws on which in case of absence of the winner there is jackpot "rolling" that means distribution of all his amount among winners of the second prize-winning category.

16. What is Euromillions Supedraw?

Euromillions Superdraw is periodically carried out by organizers of a Euro lottery spontaneously and guarantees to participants the minimum of a jackpot of 100 million euros irrespective of his amount in the previous normal draw. Usually are announced by Superdraw approximately one week prior to their carrying out and are dated for any milestone events. If in Euromillions superdraw there was no winner who has guessed the maximum advantageous combination of 5 main numbers +2 additional, all sum of a special jackpot is transferred to the next Euromillions draw.

17. Whether My Million (France) and Millionaire Maker (Great Britain) the multidraw Euromillions ticket takes part in additional draws?

Yes, it is unconditional, the multidraw lottery tickets Euromillions bought on one or both weekly draws for several weeks ahead take part in additional draws of the French and British version of a lottery. Automatically generated Raffl code which in case of coincidence provides to participants of a draw a special prize in one million euros the French version or one million pounds sterling of the British version of a lottery is provided in these lottery tickets for each playing combination and don't dependent on the results of the main Euromillions draw.

It is important to pay attention that the game option in Euromillions online at minimum price (only €3,00 for the line) via the website of the international lottery doesn't grant the right for participation in an additional draw becouse lotto world concierge buy tickets in Austria and Switzerland where additional draw isn't carried.

It is really minimum cost of participation in Euro lotto online, considering the fact that the price of the Euromillions ticket in France in the official points of sales is the same 2,50 euros, and in the United Kingdom 2,00 pounds sterlings that at the rate of the international foreign exchange market about 2,50 euros equal too.

For the play Euromillions online and having participated in additional draws My Million (France) or Millionaire Maker (UK), it is necessary to buy the Euromillions ticket assuming a special draw through not less reputable playing platform theLotter

18. How to play a lottery Euromillions not to residents of the countries of founders biggest Eurolotto?

Today for not residents of the European Union countries of founders of a lottery there is a legal opportunity to play to Euromillions online from every spot on the globe, using the website of the licensed operator of the international lottery online.