Chances of winning the Euromillions lottery

In any standard Euromillion circulation there are real chances to win one of the awards of 13 existing prize categories in the lottery. The amount of the main prize Jackpot is announced in advance on the official EuroMillion website and is known to the participants before the draw. In turn, the exact size of the winnings of each prize category, including Jackpot, directly depend on the number of lottery tickets sold for each specific lottery, as well as the number of winners who managed to win 1 of 13 existing cash prizes in the lottery.
The size of the prizes of all categories and accordingly the Jackpot is generated in a progressive way due to the activity of the players and the number of rollovers in previous runs except for special festive drawings and super-runs in which the size of the Jackpot is established by the lottery founders, which proportionally affects the winnings of the other prize categories. Usually, during such runs with a fixed amount of a special Jackpot, the activity of players wishing to win the lottery increases many times. Nevertheless, in the absence of the winner of the main prize Jackpot, the prize fund of the supertirazh passes into the next lottery and increases in size in accordance with the activity of the players and the number of lottery tickets sold.

Table calculation of the average lottery prize EuroMillions on the results of the period from 10/05/2011 to 09/09/2016.

 In recent years, the collective game in Euromillion and other European lotteries, through means of participation in so-called lottery syndicates, is gaining in popularity, which greatly increases the opportunities for participants to win an impressive prize in the lottery. In the case of a player participating in the EuroMillions lottery syndicate, the value of one game combination remains unchanged, but of course any supposed gain will be divided equally between all participants in the syndicate of each particular draw.
In fact, the chances of winning the lottery can not be predicted, regardless of the way they participate in it, whether it's buying the lottery tickets each week, or participating in the draw through the syndicate, the chances of winning in any version of the game remain unpredictable. Here are just a few vivid examples from the history of Euromillion, when the participants of the drawings were able to win the lottery in a large completely spontaneous manner.
A young family from North Wales could not even imagine that their friend's absent-mindedness and inattention would make them a lottery millionaire on the very eve of Christmas. This family had a tradition on the eve of Christmas to buy instant lottery tickets, while they never participated in the lottery EuroMillions on the eve of a grand prize they were waiting for their friend for a joint celebration and remembering that they forgot to buy traditional lottery tickets, asked him to do it on the way to visit them. In turn, their friend in the pre-holiday fuss or forgetfulness, who instead of an instant lottery ticket bought a lottery ticket Euromillion, which gave the couple a prize of one million pounds sterling of the additional circulation "the month of millionaires."
Another sensational story of the grandiose victory in Euromillion tells how seven members of a syndicate from the city of Liverpool spontaneously managed to win in the lottery half of the massive jackpot of 91 million pounds sterling. On the eve of the draw, one of the company's winners, who were colleagues in a telecommunications company, offered employees to take a collective part in the nearest Euromillion circulation. As it turned out later, the game combination of a lottery ticket of one of the friends completely coincided with the winning numbers (5 main + 2 lucky stars), so the seven lucky winners won a huge jackpot in the lottery amounting to 45.5 million, which amounted to 6.5 million pounds sterling for each member of the syndicate. The most amazing thing is that the winners, not being permanent participants in the draws of the lottery, did not even bother to check the results of Euromillion at the end of the draw, having learned about their grand victory on Monday morning meeting at work. This story is also remarkable by the fact that all seven Euromillion winners on the same day applied for dismissal from their jobs.
Considering the fact that the lottery is a game for luck, all participants in Euromillion draws have equal chances to win and receive a prize. The will of the event and the unpredictability of the win equalize the position of the players, each of which is in reality only one step away from being able to win the Jackpot lottery. This fact gives good reason to believe that there is no reason for doubt that it is you who can win the Jackpot lottery and become the next winner of Euromillion, which of course is possible only if you buy lottery tickets.

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