Euro Lottery Draw Special

The British version of the lotto Euromillions, presupposes in each drawing, which is called the "Creator of Millionaires", an additional guaranteed prize for one participant in the lottery at the rate of 1 million pounds sterling. Considering the fact that the circulation of "The Creator of Millionaires" is an additional game in the standard EuroLeto circulation, for participants of the classic lottery EuroMillions of Great Britain opens the opportunity to win two big prizes at once: the main jackpot of the current draw + the bonus of the additional drawing "The Creator of Millionaires".
Principles of additional circulation Euromillion UK all participants of the British version of the Euromillion lottery, regardless of the source of the purchase of lottery tickets, automatically participate in the additional drawing "the creator of millionaires" representing an additional opportunity for one participant to win in the lottery 1 million pounds sterling. An additional raffle number is randomly generated for each EuroMillion game variant and consists of 3 letters and 6 numbers. In turn, each additional rfl code participates in an additional raffle, and the winner of the prize, in turn, is determined randomly. To guarantee to win an additional prize of 1 million pounds in the lottery on the winning ticket, all the letters and digits of the raffle code must coincide in order exactly coinciding with the declared winning raffle number. Of course, the partial coincidence of the additional number does not give the right to win a special prize Euromillion.

The chances of winning
The opportunity to win the Euromillion lottery in the additional drawing "the creator of millionaires" differs significantly from the chances of winning the classic lottery draw with a standard set of balls and directly depends on the number of lottery tickets participating in each particular draw. In particular, in the lottery EuroMillions on Tuesdays takes part much fewer players than in the circulations on Fridays, which significantly increases the chances of winning in the additional drawing "the creator of millionaires" on Tuesdays.
On the page "how to win the lottery" of the additional UK draw, you can get detailed information on the principles of selecting additional Raffle numbers and the probability of winning an additional prize of one million pounds sterling in the Euromillion lottery.
Terms of payment of winnings
Terms of payment of the winnings of the additional drawing "the creator of millionaires" coincide with the standard rules for receiving the lottery prizes Euromillions UK. In particular, the winners of the additional circulation, equal to the basic one, have 180 days from the date of EuroLeto draw to receive their winnings. In the absence of the requirements of the prizes by the winners in the specified terms, the sums of all unclaimed winnings are automatically transferred to the special charity fund of the largest European lottery EuroMillion.
Detailed information on the conditions for receiving EuroLeto prizes can be obtained on the page "How to receive a Euromillion win".
History of the additional edition Euromillions United Kingdom
Originally called the "millionaires" lottery, EuroMilion was first offered to players in the UK on Friday November 13, 2009 as an extra chance to win one million pounds sterling. In addition to the standard additional draw with one prize-winner for the prize of one million, there are also special drawings with a lot of different prizes.
To date, 867 raffle numbers have been awarded in 458 editions of which 13 were special, when more than one winning raffle number participated in the drawing in 2014, the national operator of the UK lottery, the founding members of Euromillion in this country, changed the name of the additional draw from the "millionaire's circulation" the creator of Milloners. "
"Month of Millionaires" (separate page)
A special event in the history of the special draws of the Euromillion lottery in Great Britain, which occurred in 2011 and was timed to coincide with the New Year and Christmas holidays, called the "Month of Millionaires." During the promotional rallies starting from November until Christmas Eve on December 23, 50 winners of the millionaires' circulation were paid one million pounds each, with the last 25 prizes being awarded on Friday, December 23.

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