Euromillions Lottery Rules

The Euromillion lottery rules represent a classic, fairly common formula used in numeric lottery lotteries. When filling out a lottery ticket, the participant of the circulation must choose 5 numbers from the basic range of numbers from 1 to 50, and also in the additional field below the main field of the choice of numbers, you should additionally choose two numbers from 1 to 12, which are called "lucky stars". The complete Euromillion lottery combination is 7 numbers (5 from the main range of numbers +2 additional). If the participant of the circulation guesses all 7 numbers conditioned by the rules of the EuroMillion lottery, he becomes the lucky winner of the main prize of the lottery, which is called the Euromillion jackpot.

According to the rules of the EuroMillion lottery, two lototrons are used in the draw by the approved organizers of the EuroLoton, which, according to the fields of the lottery ticket, separately sorts the balls with winning numbers from the main and additional ranges of numbers from 1 to 50 and from 1 to 11. If in the series of draws no one guessed the combination numbers 5 + 2 involving the winning of the main prize (rollover), the Euromillion lottery jackpot can grow from the starting point of 15 million euros to the maximum established by the founder of 190 million euros.

After the draw of three draws with a jackpot reached the maximum amount of 190 million euros in which none of the participants could guess the combination of numbers suggesting the winning of the main prize, the Euromillion lottery jackpot is distributed among the players who guessed the second-prize prize combinations of numbers. After drawing the maximum jackpot of the lottery, the amount of the jackpot of the next drawdown is reduced to the starting 15 million euros set by the organizers in the rules of the lottery EuroMillions.

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